Lindr CWP 300 with 4 pumps

Lindr CWP 300 with 4 pumps
4 Powerful pyhtonpumps
4 Digital thermostats
Suited for keeping small to medium fermentations tanks at the right temperature

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Lindr CWP 300 with 4 pumps

The CWP 300 with 4 pumps is a chiller made for cooling (python)tubes or keeping small to mediumsized fermentation tanks at the right temperature. To help do this the CWP 300 has 4 powerfull pythonpumps with which you can create 4 seperate cooling circuits. The temperature can be adjusted per cooling circuit using the 4 digital thermostats. The CWP 300 will reach the desired temperature within 15 minutes of switching on. The CWP 300 can also be used with glycol so you can chill to below zero.

Dimensions: 507x418x92mm
Weight: 49,0 kg

The CWP 300 with 4 pumps has 4 wheels and is therefore easy to move.

The CWP 300 with 4 pumps is used in very specific situations. Because of this we, by default, do not have this machine on stock. It is possible to order this chiller online. Once ordered we will contact you about the current delivery times. The minimum deliverytime is 2 weeks.

More Information
Weight 54,5 kg
Tank capacity 30 liter
Power 1380 w
Ice bank 10-20 kg