Lindr Pygmy 25 line

Meet the Pygmy 25 line. All beer dispensers in this line are compact and light weight. All Pygmy 25's will reach the right temperature within 5 minutes ready for you to pour are great cold beer.
The Pygmy 25 has a maximum cooling capacity of 30 litres an hour.

A Lindr Pygmy 25 as mobile beer dispenser

Because the Pygmy 25 has small dimensions and low weight these beer dispensers are very suited for mobile use. If you choose the Pygmy 25/K you can use the inbuilt air compressorsor do not even need a CO2 cylinder! For more information on pouring beer without CO2 you can check out our article on pouring beer without CO2

Below you can also find a video on the Pygmy 25.

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