1. Dispense taps for beertaps

    Taps for beertaps

    There are several kind of taps for your beertap installation. All of the taps have their own specifications and advantages. Very common kind of taps are chrome coloured taps, PVD/titanium coloured taps and stainless steel taps. Most common taps are ball-valve taps those taps work as a ball-valve. The taps taht work as a ball-valve can stay open during pouring.

    Compensator taps

    Lindr beertaps and dispense towers are standard equipped with compensator taps. The compesnator taps that Lindr uses are chrome coloured, PVD/totanium coloured or stainless steel. Big advantage of compesnator taps is that you can adjust the flow of your beverage. Due to the option of adjusting the flow of your beverage you can always pour a good quality beer or other beverage. Especially when pouring special beers the use of a compensator tap is recommended as special beers might react stronger on different ambient temperatures and CO2 pressure.


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  2. Mobile bar with stainless steel frame

    Mobile bar with stainless steel frame and trespa boards

    Specially for festivals and events we produce now our own mobile bar. The mobile bar we make is a ribust mobile bar with a frame from stainless steel and trespa boards around. The proprtions of the mobile bar are 107 cm x 53,5 cm. At the top there is a bar desk with sink and drip tray. Our mobile bar for rental purposes is assembled with a Lindr Prisma tower 2-taps which is made from brushed stainless steel. The bis advantage of producing the mobile bar ourselves is that we can make the bar completely custom according to your wishes.

    Custom made mobile bar

    When you are looking for a mobile bar and you have special wishes we are here to help you. We can help you with a mobile bar that is made completely according to your wishes.

    Custom options are:

    • We can maka a mobile bar in other dimensions
    • We can assemble every kind of beertap / dispense tower you want. For bigger festivals
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  3. Converting your David tapsystem

    Converting your David tapsystem to pour other beer brands 

    The David tapsystem is a famous and frequently used tapsystem. In the Netherlands it is a very popular tapsystem. The David tapsystem is developed by Heineken as a small mobile bar with a keg cooler as cooling unit for cooling your beer keg. At the top of the keg cooler there is a dispense tower with a drip tray directly assembled above the keg cooler. The David tapsystem has a special tap with a thin transit tube in the dispense tower which can be replaced very easy when connecting a new keg to the David tapsystem. At the end of the transit tube there is a small plastic coupler which works as an S-type dispense head and can only be connected to S-type kegs. The David tapsystem is a very practical tapsystem and is ideal for festivals and events or other type of parties. In its original state you can only pour beers like Heineken, Amstel and Brand. 

    David tapsystem and other beer brands.... 

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  4. CWP beer coolers from Lindr

    Lindr CWP beer coolers 

    In the product assortment from Lindr beer coolers you also find the line of CWP coolers. The letters CWP stands for Contact Water Power. CWP beer coolers are hybrid coolers and are a combination of dry cooler and conventional waterbath cooler. The same as with the AS series waterbath coolers the CWP coolers have a waterbassin but this waterbassin is smaller than the waterbassins from the AS series beer coolers. For the CWP 200 and the CWP 300 you can also add extra block with cooling coils to increase the number of coils and have th possibility to cool and poor more beverages from your CWP cooler. 

    Advantages CWP beer coolers

    A big advantage of a CWP beer cooler is that these coolers are standing coolers (vertical

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  5. Several types of dispense heads

    Which type of dispense head do you need? 

    If you want to enjoy a good draft beer, you need a beer tap installation at first. You also need a dispense head with that beer tap installation. The type of dispense head that you need is depending on the beer brand that you are going to poor. Most of the bigger and famous beer breweries need their own type of dispense head. In this blog you learn about the several typs fo dispense heads that are available and als which one you need to have for pooring your favourite beer brand. 

    S-type dispense head 

    The S-type dispense head also known as sankey dispense head. The S-type dispense head is a quiet popular dispense head. If you are going to poor beers from Heineken, the S-type dispense head is the one you need. 

    Beer brands:

    • Heineken
    • Amstel
    • Brand 

    Also 50 liter kegs from Inbev use the S-type dispense head. Below the beer brands from

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  6. Cooperation with Franke started for drip trays and sinks

    Cooperation with Franke for drip trays and sinks

    Since December 2019 we are dealer from Franke for drip trays and sinks. With this cooperation we are able to help you with a wide range of drip trays and sinks from Franke. With these drip trays and sinks you are able to completely finish you bar / mancave and give it a great look. 

    Tap top, bar top or drip tray with sink? 

    Our assortment with products from Franke consists of tap tops, bar tops and drip trays with sink in it. You can recognize the difference easily. A tap top is easy to recognize on its grille at the front and a smooth section for the dispense tower at the rear. You can see an example of a tap top below. 

    tap top 40 x 40 cm

    Bar tops

    Than we have the bar tops. You can recognize them due to the fact that they are equipped with a sink and a tap top. At the tap top there you see

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