Cleaning your beer dispenser for a well functioning beer dispenser

For a optimal functioning beer dispenser it is important to clean your beer dispenser regularly. Cleaning your beer dispenser is not difficult to do.

Points of attention for cleaning your beer dispenser

  • Rinse the beer dispenser after use with water
  • Depending on how often you use the beer dispenser clean the beer dispenser thoroughly once every 6 to 8 weeks

Steps for cleaning your beer dispenser

  1. Connect the beer dispenser to a cleaning adapter and use a hose to connect water to the cleaning adapter. Use this water to rinse the beer dispenser.
  2. Remove the dispense tap from the beer dispenser and place a bucket in front of the beer dispenser. Put a cleaning sponge into the back of the beer dispenser and rinse again with water. Keep rinsing until the cleaning sponge leaves the beer dispenser. Repeat this step a couple of times.
  3. Clean the beer coils using a 5L cleaning tank with beer tube cleaning detergent and water. After using the cleaning detergent always make sure to thoroughly rinse the beer coils with plain water like in the first step to ensure all cleaning detergent has left the beer cooling coils.
  4. Put the dispense tap and your keg couplers sit in a bucket with water and a bit of cleaning detergent and let it set for a few hours. Next clean the inside of the dispense tap with a brush and rinse both the keg coupler and dispense tap with water.

To help you and visualize the step we have made a video to show you how to easily clean your beer dispenser.

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