How to connect a water cooled beer dispenser?

In the article below we will explain how to easily connect a Lindr water cooled beer dispenser. All the necessary items are available in our webshop. Do you have any questions after reading the article or do you need some more help? Feel free to contact us. We love to help you!

Required items

Steps to connecting a water cooled beer dispenser

Step 1

Prepare all the items listed above and make sure the CO2 cylinder is stable. The best thing is to secure it to a table leg or to the bar, this prevents the cylinder from falling over which could break your CO2 pressure reducer.

Step 2

Attach the CO2 pressure reducer to the CO2 cylinder. Use a wrench to make sure the pressure reducer is connected tightly to the cylinder.

Step 3

We start with attaching the pressure tube to the CO2 pressure reducer. Use the John Guest coupler to connect the tube to the CO2 pressure reducer.

Step 4

Connect the other side of the pressure tube to the side of the keg coupler. This connections is also made using a John Guest coupler. Connect the beer tube to the top of the keg coupler using a John Guest coupler.

Step 5

After connecting the tube to the keg coupler, it is time to set up the water cooled beer dispenser. First connect the other side of the beer tube to the input side of the beer cooler. Take note of the colours of the cooling coils. Every cooling coil has its own colour and the input and output side have the same colour. For example red input -> red output.

Step 6

Next we will assemble and connect the beer dispense tower. First secure the dispense tower to the bar using the nut at the bottom. Connect the John Guest couplers to the stainless steel beer tubes. All tubes have rings, the once wtih the least number of rings are the beer tubes. The other tubes are for recirculation of water trough the dispense tower.

Step 7

Now it is time to connect the dispense tower to the beer cooler. Use a insulated beer tube to connect the output side of the water bath beer cooler to the dispense tower.

Step 8

Lastly fill the water basin of the beer dispenser with water. Make sure the water covers the cooling coils and stays just below the overflow pipe. Next connect the keg coupler to the beer keg.

Would you rather see these steps on video? Then watch the video below::

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