Examples of using a beer dispenser

We regularly get send great messages and pictures of clients who are very happy with their beer dispenser. To inspire you in creating your own bar we have made this page with a few examples. We will update this page when we receive new photos or stories.

Do you also have a nice photo or story about your beer dispenser and do you want to share it with us? Send them to us at info@biertap-shop.nl with a short story and a maximum of 3 photos. We will place them here and on Facebook. This can ofcourse be done anonymously; make sure to mention this in your email.

Example 1:

Pygmy 25 with Naked One Oakwood Dispense Tower by Hank

Some time ago Hank bought a complete beer dispneser with a dispense tower. He has installed everything himself and as you can see the result looks great! The beerdispenser used is a Pygmy 25 as undercoutner cooler. He used a Naked One Oakwood dispense tower. The maximum cooling capacity of 30 litres an hour gives Hank the option to pour about 100 beers an hour.

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