Explanation on the different names of the beer dispensers/coolers

The name of the beer dispenser or beer cooler is made up of 3 parts:

  • The name of the line
  • A number
  • Optionally some additional letter(s)

Beer dispenser/cooler lines

Lindr produceces different lines of beer dispensers and beer coolers. There are 3 lines of drycoolers:

  • The Pygmy-line, these are small coolers for small groups
  • The Kontakt-line, larger dry chillers suited for commercial use
  • The Soudek-line, luxurious dry chillers with Oak wood exterior
There are 2 different types of water cooled beer dispensers: the AS-line and the CWP-line. The AS-line are the regular water cooled beer dispensers and the CWP-line of hybrid beer coolers.

Number for the maximum capacity of the beer dispenser/cooler

After the name of the line there is a number. This number roughly indicates the capacity of the beer dispenser in litres of cold beer an hour, and gives an indication of how powerfull the beer dispenser is. For example a Kontakt 70 is more powerfull than a Kontakt 40, and the Kontakt 70 allows you to pour more beers an hour.

Version of the beer dispenser

After the nubmer sometimes there is one or multiple letters. This indicates the following:

  • Beer dispenser without addition after the nubmer. The beer dispensers/coolers are the regular machines. These require CO2 for when you are pouring beer. This means you will need a CO2 pressure reducer and CO2 cylinder when you want to pour beer.
  • Additional K: When there is an additional K after the number this means that the beer dispenser has an in-built air compressor. This air compressor lets you pour beer without the need for CO2. The aircompressor has a fixed pressure of 2.7 bar and you cannot change this.
  • Additional K profi: There are a few beer dispensers which have an additional profi after the K. These are very simmilar to the K beer dispensers, but there is one important difference. The aircompressor in the "K profi type beer dispenser can manually be changed. The pressure can manually be set at a pressure ranging from 1 to 3 bar. There is only 1 built in aircompressore, so when using this across 2 kegs both of the kegs will have the same pressure.
  • Additional R: Lastly there is the addition R. Only the Kontakt 155 has this addition. The R indicates a build in CO2 pressure reducer. This beer dispenser has a high pressure tube which you can connect directly to a CO2 cylinder. The big advantage of this type of cooler is that you do not need a seperate CO2 pressure reducer which can break or can save a lot of space when using the beer dispenser underneath a bar.
With the information above we hope to give you the information you need to make a good choice on which beer dispenser is best suited for you.

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