Lindr beer dispensers

At we sell beer dispensers made by Lindr. Lindr is a Czech brand with a great value for money. Lindr was founded in 1992 by Milos Lindr and has grown to be a renowned brand of beer dispensers. The production and development of the beer dispenser all takes place in the Czech Republic.

Lindr still grows each year and every year more craft brewers, caterers, restaurant owners and more professional users choose for a Lindr beer dispenser. The reasons for this are very easy to explain: the great value for money and beautifull design. But also the good waranty conditions if something happens to be wrong with a beer dispenser.

We are proud to be a Lindr dealer and to be able to sell these great beer dispensers. If you are considering to buy a Lindr beer dispenser you can check out the wide range of beer dispensers on our site. These range from dry cooled beer dispensers to water cooled beer dispensers and of courese our complete beer dispensers.

Lindr Pygmy design

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