How to use a Pythonpump

All Lindr water cooled beer dispensers have a pythonpump. This pump can be used to get water from the water basin through a pythontube all the way to the dispense tower, keeping your beer cold all the way to the tower. If you want to cool the beer in the dispense tower your dispense tower has to be equipped with an recirculation tube. You also need a pythontube. A python tube has 2 water tubes next to the beer tubes. Cold water from the water basin flows through these water tubes to keep the beer cold. One tube is to allow to flow of the water to the beer dispense tower and the other tube lets the water flow back to the beer dispenser.

Connecting the pythonpomp

When using a water cooled beer dispenser it is important to always use the pythonpump, even when not using python tubes. The pump keeps the water in the water basin in motion and stops it from freezing shut. When not using a python tube you need to use a short tube to loop the water back to the waterbasin immediatly. For Lindr water cooled beer dispenser you can use a 12.7mm water tube. Make sure you loop the tube back correctly and that the water flow back into the basin correctly. Otherwise the water will be spilled all over the beer dispenser and into your bar.

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