Setting up a Lindr beer dispenser

It is important that your beer dispenser is set up correctly if you want to pour a great beer. With the steps and video we want to help you do just that. The steps below and video are suited for all Lindr beer dispensers, and under counter beer coolers with a Lindr beer dispense tower.

  1. Connect the beer dispenser. You can read how to do this on another page: Video connecting a Lindr dry chiller or how to set up a Lindr water cooled beer dispenser.
  2. Make sure there is CO2 pressure on the beer keg so beer flows from the keg. 1,5 Bar is enough pressure for now. If you have a beer dispenser with an air compressor, then you just have to switch the air compressor on.
  3. Now open the dispense tap until a little bit of beer flows out of the dispense tap. The beer will foam a lot but that is not a problem. If you have a water cooled beer dispenser you can switch it on immediatly scince these take a longer time to cool down.
  4. Next you can switch on the beer dispenser to the temperature of your choice. At position 1 the beer will be about 10℃ and at position 7 about 4℃. Wait for the beer dispenser to stop cooling before continuing with the next steps.
  5. Now that the beer dispenser stopped cooling the beer is cold enough and you can fine tune the beer dispenser. There are 3 things you can use: the CO2 pressure, the temperature and the compensator dispense tap. Because the beer dispenser stopped cooling the temperature is set up correctly. For water cooled beer dispensers it is important to patiently wait for the water basin to get cold engough. This can take upto 2 hours.
  6. We will now start with setting the CO2 pressure. Set the pressure of the CO2 at 2,6bar. With Lindr beer dispensers you can start at this pressure for the fine tuning. It is important that there are no air bubbles in the tube going from the beer keg to the beer dispenser. If you do see these bubble it means that the pressure is too low and needs to be increased. Everytime you increase the pressure you need to wait a short while to let the beer in the keg calm down and pour a beer to see a difference. Slowly keeg increasing the pressure until you do not see anymore bubbles in the beer tube.
  7. Lastly we will adjust the compensator tap. This is done with the help of the small handle at the side of the beer dispense tap. If you set the compensator in the top right potion no beer will flow from the dispense tap. By moving the handle down towards you the speed of the flow is increased. Set the compensator in such a position so a calm and clear flow of beer is coming from the dispense tap.
  8. Now you have set everything up you are ready to pour some good beers. If you do not have enough foam on your beer, you can move the handle of the dispense tap back to only have foam flow out of the dispense tap. If you still have too much foam you can raise the CO2 pressure by 0,1 to 0,2 bar. Then wait a minute and pour another beer to see if that improved it.

Instructional video on setting up a Lindr beer dispenser

In the video below Joanne shows you how to set up a Lindr beer dispenser:

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