Soda Pygmy 25 under counter cooler complete

Soda Pymgy 25 under counter cooler complete
Maximum 20L of cold sparkling water an hour
Soda machine for home, small office or restaurant
Including dispense tower

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Soda Pygmy 25 under counter cooler complete set

The Soda Pygmy has a maximum cooling capacity of 20 litres an hour. This makes this soda machine suited for use at home, small office or small restaurant. The set is easy to connect and 10minutes after connecting you are ready to start serving chilled plain and sparkling water.

The set consists out of:

  • Soda Pygmy under counter cooler
  • CO2 pressure reducer
  • Steel dispense tower (chrome or brass coloured)
  • Tubes and John Guest couplers
  • Optional: waterfilter and filter case

Note: You need to provide a large refillable CO2 cylinder yourself. This is the only thing you need to provide yourself. Other than that this set is complete to be connected and used.

More Information
Dimensions 312 * 240 * 378 mm
Weight 17,0 kg
Tapcapacity 25 liter/hour
Power 391 W