Alpha dispense tap with compensator

✓ Chrome beer dispense tap with compensator
✓ Dispense tap type: free flow balltap
✓ 5/8" diameter threaded end, 35mm long
✓ Easy to use in steel Lindr draft beer dispense towers

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Beerdispense tap Alpha with compensator

The Alpha dispensetap is a balltap. A balltap is a type of dispensetap which remains opened once you start dispensing beer. The compensator in the dispense tap can be used to change the flow speed of the beer. This lets you finetune your beeerdispenser and makes sure you can draft prefect beers. The extra finetuning is especially usefull for dispensing craft beers.

The threading of the dispense tap is 35mm long and has a diameter of 5/8". This dispense tap will fit in the steel Lindr dispense towers.

NOTE! The Alpha dispense tap can't be placed directly into a Lindr drychiller. If you want to use this dispensetap in a Lindr beerdispenser please contact us for the possibilities.

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