Lindr AS-40 Glycol cooler

Lindr AS-40 Glycol
Chiller for coolant
Cool down to -6℃
Maximum cooling capacity of 40 litres/hour

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Lindr AS-40 Glycol

The Lindr AS-40 Glycol is a chiller made for cooling a mixture of glycol and water. With the help of a digital thermostat the mixture can be cooled down to a temperature of -6℃. With the help of the built in python pump this very cold coolent can for example be used in the recirculation tubes of python tube or the cooling jacket of a small brewing kettle.

When using the AS-40 glycol it is important to use a coloured food grade glycol. This cooler doesn't have cooling coils through which you can cool your beer / beverage.

Dimensions: 439x267x452mm
Weight: 20,0 kg

The AS-40 Glycol has a maximum cooling capacity of 40L/hour.