Lindr CWP 300 V

CWP 300V
4 Wheels for easy moving
Suited for the production of wine
Chilling and heating of tanks

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CWP 300 V

De Lind CWP 300 V is a machine for binging / keeping fermentation tanks at the right temperature, for example during the production of wine. The CWP 300 is a unique machine because it has the ability of heating and chilling. With the 2 thermostats it is possible to precicely arrange the temperature. One thermostat is located in the chiller and the second one has a probe for in the fermentation tank. The moment the thermostat notices a difference in temperature the CWP 300 V will switch on and start the heat/chill.

Dimensions: 515x418x907mm
Weight: 45,0 kg

The CWP 300 V has 4 wheels (2 with brakes) and is very easy to move.

Take Note! Because of the properties and very specialist use of this machine we do not have the CWP 300 V by default on stock. It is still possible to order her but keep in mind a longer delivery time of at least 2 weeks. You can also contact us about the current delivery times of the CWP 300 V.

More Information
Weight 41,5 kg
Tank capacity 30 liter
Power 2162 W
Ice bank 10-20 kg