Bag in Box pump

Bag-in-box pump
Draft from bag in box system
Complete with tubes and connection materials

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Bag-in-box pump

If you want to dispense drinks from a bag-in-box system you can do so with the help of this pump. The pump is complete and easy to connect to you Lindr beer dispenser.

The bag-in-box pump is complete with the following accessories:

  • Bag-in-box connector
  • 1m 12.7mm tube
  • 2.5m 9.5mm tube
  • 0.5m 8mm tube
  • John Guest 8*9.5mm straight connector
  • 4 Hose clamps

The bag-in-box pump only works in combination with an aircompressor (for example one from a Lindr beer dispenser). When dispensing wines, proseccos or fruitjuices you should use a stainless steel dispense tap.