Complete deluxe cleaning kit

Deluxe complete cleaning kit
Fast rinsing after use
Everything for thorough cleaning
5L dopiline
Cleaning kit for Lindr beer dispensers

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Complete deluxe Lindr beerdispenser cleaning kit

This complete deluxe cleaning kit contains everything you need to quickly rinse and thoroughly clean your beer dispenser. For fast rinsing you can use the cleaning adapter and for the thorough cleaning the 5L cleaning tank. In this set are aslo some cleaning brushes and sponges and a tube with a John Guest ball valve to make cleaning with the 8mm sponges easier. The set is complete for cleaning 1 type of keg coupler of your choosing. This choice is made with the help of the dropdownmenu at the top of the page. Take note that this set is only suited for Lindr beer dispensers/towers. If you have another brand of dispense tower or beer dispenser you might not be able to use (parts) of this cleaning kit.

This deluxe cleaningkit consists out off:

5L cleaning tank
Cleaning adapter
Keg coupler brush
2x dispense tap brush
20x cleaning sponge for beer dispenser
5L dopiline
John Guest coupler for drying the beer dispenser
Tubeset with John Guest ball valve for easy use of the cleaning sponges