Beer dispenser with or without CO2

We often get the question from customers if a beer dispenser with CO2 or without CO2 is better. The answer to this question depends a lot on your situation and in this article we want to help you with finding out which option suits best for you.

When to choose for a beer dispenser with CO2?

A beer dispenser with CO2 is mainly interesting for when you use the beer dispenser for small groups and you do not finish the keg in one go. Using CO2 prevents oxygen from getting into the keg which will reduce the quality of the beer.

When would you use a beer dispenser without CO2?

A beer dispenser without CO2 is very interesting if you finish a beer keg within one day. A beer dispenser without CO2 has a built-in air compressor (with a default pressure of around 2.7 bar) which gives you the option to pour beer using airpressure. A big advantage is of this is that you do not have to take CO2 cylinders with you. Therefor a beer dispenser without CO2 is very suited as a mobile beer dispenser at events or parties. The built in air compressor can be switched on and off manually so the flexibility to use CO2 if you need to do so remains available.

A beer dispenesr without CO2 also has a disadvantage. Because the oxygen in the air gets into the keg the quality of your beer will slowly go down. For some types of beer this will be noticable after 24hours. To ensure high quality beers it is advisable to finish the keg within a day.

For who is the beer dispenser without CO2 a great solution?

A beer dispenser without CO2 is a great solution for party caterers, rental companies and event organisers who are looking for mobile beer dispenser who will finish the beer keg(s) in one day. They can also pour beer from the first couple of kegs without CO2 and only use CO2 for the last keg, so this one can be used at a later date. This will save a lot on dragging around CO2 cylinders.

If you use the beer dispenser for a small group and do not finish the beer keg within 24 hours it is better to use a beer dispenser with CO2 to keep the quality of the beer high. When usining Keykegs this disadvantage is not a problem. Keykegs are special kegs in which the beer is in a bag inside of the keg. The air presses on the outside of the bag and never comes into contact with the beer so you can always use airpressure.

If you have any more questions which option would be best for you or if you would like some personal advice? Please feel free to contact contact us, we would love to help you!

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