Dry chilling beer dispenser

Beer dispenser type dry chiller

The beer dispensers you can see here are all dry chilling beer dispensers. The dry cooling technique uses an aluminium cooling block along which the cooling coils flow so the beer is cooled down to the desired temperature. These beer dispenser are all light and compact and very suited for mobile use. These beerdispenser all cool down very fast and will be ready within 5-10 minutes after connecting. For keg couplers, CO2 pressure reducers and cleaning sets you can check out our accessories. You can also order a complete beer dispenser.

Properties of the beer dispensers

Among the product pictures you can find a picture which shows symbols to indicate the properties of the beer dispenser. You can find a clear overview what each symbol means and also a clear overview of all the properties of the beer dispensers via this link to our page on the properties of all Lindr beer dispensers.

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