Beerdispenser Lindr Kontakt 40 with 1 dispense tap

Powerfull beerdispenser
Lindr Kontakt 40
Beerdispenser with 1 dispense tap
Type: drychiller
Maximum tapcapacity: 50 Litres an hour
Ideal as mobile beerdispenser
For parties and events

Availability: In stock

Beerdispenser Kontakt 40 with 1 dispense tap

The Kontakt 40 with one dispense tap is a powerfull and professional beerdispenser by Lindr. The tapcapacity is a maximum of 50 litres an hour. For parties and evenets with the need for a drychiller with a decent capacity the Kontakt 40 1-taps is a great beerdispenser. Within 5 minutes of connecting you are ready to pour cold beer. The Lindr Kontakt 40 beerdispenser has 2 carry handles which makes this chiller easy to transport and be used as a mobile beerdispenser.

When to use the Lindr Kontakt 40 1-tap

The Lindr Kontakt 40 1-taps is very suited to be used as a private use home beerdispenser, or for rental purposes. With its maximum capacity of 50 litres an hour the Kontakt 40 1-taps is suited to be used for groups of up to 90 people.

Configuring the Lindr Kontakt 40 1-taps beerdispenser

This is just the cooler. If you are not yet in possession of tubes, keg coupler and connecting material, you can order them via the related products in the right column of this page. Also keep in mind that your cooler needs to be cleaned every now and then for the best tapping result. Cleaning kits can also be found under the related products. Would you rather buy a complete set at once to make sure you have everything you need to tap; then look at the Kontakt 40 1-tap complete at the bottom of this page.

More Information
Amount of Coils 1
Amount of tappoints 1
Dimensions 478 * 227 * 468 mm
Weight 25,0 kg
Tapcapacity 50 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 322 W
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