Beerdispenser Lindr Kontakt 40 with 1 dispense tap

Powerfull beerdispenser
Lindr Kontakt 40
Beerdispenser with 1 dispense tap
Type: drychiller
Maximum tapcapacity: 50 Litres an hour
Ideal as mobile beerdispenser
For parties and events

Availability: In stock

Beerdispenser Kontakt 40 with 1 dispense tap

The Kontakt 40 with one dispense tap is a powerfull and professional beerdispenser by Lindr. The tapcapacity is a maximum of 50 litres an hour. For parties and evenets with the need for a drychiller with a decent capacity the Kontakt 40 1-taps is a great beerdispenser. Within 5 minutes of connecting you are ready to pour cold beer. The Lindr Kontakt 40 beerdispenser has 2 carry handles which makes this chiller easy to transport and be used as a mobile beerdispenser.

When to use the Lindr Kontakt 40 1-tap

The Lindr Kontakt 40 1-taps is very suited to be used as a private use home beerdispenser, or for rental purposes. With its maximum capacity of 50 litres an hour the Kontakt 40 1-taps is suited to be used for groups of up to 90 people.

Configuring the Lindr Kontakt 40 1-taps beerdispenser

You can expand the chiller with a dispense set with a kegcoupler by using the first dropdown menu. With the second dropdownmenu you can choose a cleaningset to maintain your chiller.

More Information
Amount of Coils 1
Amount of tappoints 1
Dimensions 478 * 227 * 468 mm
Weight 25,0 kg
Tapcapacity 50 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 322 W