Beerdispenser Lindr CWP 100

Hybrid beercooler
Lindr CWP 100
Uniek in design and size
Maximum cooling capacity of 90 litres an hour
Possibility of cooling 3 beverages at the same time
Ideal for catering industry

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CWP 100 beercooler by Lindr

Very modern beercooler by Lindr and unique in its design and size. With a maximum coolingcapacity of 90 litres an hour and a continuous cooling capacity of 70 litres an hour. The CWP 100 has 3 cooling coils. These give you the option to cool 3 different beers or other beverages at the same time. Within 10 to 15 minutes of connecting the CWP 100 will reach the desired temperature and you are ready to enjoy a cold drink.

The CWP 100 is a combination of the techniques used in dry and undercounter chilllers. The waterbasin in this cooler is smaller than in regular undercounter chillers.

Range of use of the Lindr CWP 100

Because of the great capacity and small size the CWP 100 is a great beercooler in any stationary bar setup. The CWP 100 is suited for groups of upto 150 people and very popular in the catering industry.

More Information
Amount of Coils 3
Dimensions 355 * 273 * 706 mm
Weight 29,0 kg
Tank capacity 9 liter
Tapcapacity 90 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 621 W
Ice bank 0-2 kg