Lindr "T" Tower PVD/titanium finish

"T" shaped dispense tower
3, 4 or54 dispense taps
Brass coloured PVD coating
Stainless steel beer and recirculation tubes
Easy to install on your bar and connect to your beer tap installation

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Lindr "T" Tower Brass coloured

Brass coloured "T" shaped dispense tower for on your bar. The tower can be orded with 3, 4 or 5 dispense taps using the first dropdownmenu. If you want you can illuminate the front panel of the dispense tower. To do so you will need to order a transformer using the second dropdownmenu. The dispense tower also has recircualtion tubing which makes it possible to cool your beer all the way to the top of the dispense tower. To do this you will need an under counter beer cooler with a pythonpump.

More Information
Amount of tappoints 3, 4, 5
Weight 5.0 t/m 15,0 kg (afhankelijk van het aantal tapkranen)
Kleur PVD / Titanim