CO2 cylinder 3,6 kg (PICK UP ONLY)

CO2 cylinder
3,6kg of CO2

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CO2 cylinder with 3,6 kg CO2

With this CO2 cylinder you can draft about 350litres of beer. We can not ship these CO2 cylinders using a shipping company and these have to be picked up at our warehouse in Achterveld, the Netherlands.

We sell these cylinder with the help of a partner, AirProducts. The CO2 in the cylinder is € 33,00 excl VAT and you rent the cylinder with AirProducts. The rent of a cylinder is € 0,10 excl. VAT a day or € 30,00 excl. VAT a year. You can deliver the empty cylinders at the AirProducts partner in the Netherlands closest to you, and you do not have to drive to Achterveld to do so. If you are not able to come and pick up the cylinder, we can give your contact details to AirProducts and they will contact you with the closest loction for picking up a CO2 cylinder.

NOTE!For the rent of the CO2 cylinder we need to give your personal details to AirProducts. By buying the cylinder you automatically agree to us that we can give your personal details to AirProducts! Bottles can only be sold to customers residing in the Netherlands.

Only Pick-up! Delivery of this product not possible!