Cooling coils AS-80 & AS-110

Extra cooling coils AS-80 & AS-110
Expanding number of cooling coils
Serve more different beers at the same time

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cooling coils for Lindr AS-80 & AS-110
Cooling coils AS-80 & AS-110

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    Extra cooling coils for the Lindr AS-80 and AS-110 under counter beer coolers

    By default the AS-80 and AS-110 are delivered with 2 cooling coils, giving you the option to cool 2 different beers at the same time. For both of these coolers there are extra coils available so you can increase this number. The AS-80 can be upgraded to 4 cooling coils and the AS-110 can even be upgraded to 6.

    Ordering your extra cooling coils

    By clicking "customize and add to cart" you can choose the desired cooling coils. For the AS-80 you have only one option. For the AS-110 you need the cooling coild 3&4 if you want to dispense 4 types of beer. If you want a total of 6 coils you will need the coils 5&6 as well.

    Take note that by expanding the nubmer of coils you do not increase the ammount of beer you can cool in an hour because the cooling compressor which cools the beer dispenser stays the same. If you need more cooling power you should take a look at a stronger beer dispenser instead, for example the AS-160 or AS-200. Both of these can also have more than 2 cooling coils.