Beerdispenser CWP 200 Mobile Green Line

Hybrid Beercooler
Combination dry- and undercounter chiller
Serve beer within 8 to 10 minutes after connecting
2 cooling coils
Maximum tapcapacity of 200L/hour
Easy to move

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CWP 200 Mobile Green Line biertap

The Lindr CWP 200 Mobile is a new design of beercoolers. This beercooler is a hybrid between an undercounter and a dry cooler. The CWP 200 Mobile has a smaller waterbasin then conventional undercounter cooler and by using the cooling technique of a dry cooler it takes only 10 to 15 minutes for this beercooler to reach the right temperature to serve cold beer.

The Lindr CWP 200 Mobile even has a dispense tower with 2 dispense taps giving you the option to draft 2 different beers at the same time. The maximum tapcapacity is 140 litres an hour and the continues capacity is 120litres an hour.

The CWP 200 Mobile Green Line is made off fully recyclable materials and uses the more environmental friendly refrigerant R290.

The 2 wheels at the bottom of the beerdispenser make it very easy to move the CWP 200 Mobile. The CWP 200 Mobile is an ideal mobile beerdispenser.

Range of use of Lindr CWP 200 Mobile Green Line

The Lidr CWP 200 Mobile Green Line is ideal to be used as a mobile beerdispenser for larger parties or events and therefore is very popular among party caterers and event organisers. Because of the large capacity the Lindr CWP 200 Mobile Green Line is suited for groups of upto 250 people.

This is just the cooler. In addition to the cooler, you also need a tapset to get your beer out of your kegs. You will find a tapset with the related products in the right column of this page. Also consider a cleaning set for maintaining your beer tap. If you prefer to buy all-in-one, take a look at the CWP Mobile 200 complete beer tap; you will find this at the bottom of this page.

More Information
Amount of Coils 2
Amount of tappoints 2
Dimensions 463 * 327 * 1491 mm
Weight 51,0 kg
Tank capacity 17 liter
Tapcapacity 140 liter/uur
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 1035 W
Ice bank 0-5 kg
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