Conversion kit Davidtap

Convert your David tap
Pour other types/brands of beer with a Davidtap
Including new keg coupler

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Conversion kit for David tap

With this conversion kit you can transform a David tap and you will be able to dispense from other types of kegs. With this set you can replace the dispense tap from a David tap with a new tap with a steel nozzle. The new beertube will be fixed in place in your dispense tower. You do not have to replace the tube with every new keg. Additionally this set contains a keg coupler a CO2 reducer and connection materials. You can choose the keg coupler using the dropdown menu.

Because the new beertube does not get replaced with each new keg it will be important to regularly clean your beer tubes. To do this you can order a cleaning kit with us. You can find a basic cleaning kit at the related products.

Extra reducer for new dispense tap

There are different versions of the Davidtap. For some you need an extra thread reducer to be able to install the new dispense tap. Whether you need this reducer is easy to check by unscrewing your current tap from the tower and measuring the threaded end. Is the threaded end of your tap is around 22mm? Then you do not need the extra thread reducer. When the threaded end is around 38mm you do need the extra reducer. When you need the extra threaded end you can easily select this using the dropdownmenu.

This set for converting a David tap contain the following items:

  • Freeflow dispense tap with metal nozzle
  • New beertube for in the dispense tower
  • Keg coupler of your choice
  • Single CO2 reducer
  • Pressure tube
  • John Guest connection materials
  • Optional: Extra thread reducer for dispense tap
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