Difference between beer dispensers with 1 or 2 dispense taps

Lindr dry chillers are available with 1 or 2 dispense taps. What are the differences and what should you choose?

Effect of dispense taps on the cooling capacity

Some of the Lindr dry chillers are available in a 1-tap or 2-tap configuration, for example the Kontakt 40. The cooling compressor in the 1-tap and 2-tap versions are the same. The Kontakt 40 1-taps has 1 cooling coil of 28 meters and all the cooling power is used to cool this one coil. A Kontakt 40 2-taps has 2 cooling coils of 14 meters and the cooling power is split across these 2 cooling coils. The length of the cooling coils and the power of the compressor are important factors in the ammount of cold beer you can pour in an hour.

A Kontakt 40 is a beer dispenser with a maximum cooling capacity of 50 litres an hour. The Kontakt 40 1-tap can use all the power on the one cooling coil. For a 2-taps version this cooling power is split across the 2 cooling coils and you can say each coil has a capacity of about 25litres an hour. For dry chillers with 2 dispense taps you have to split the maximum cooling capacity across the 2 dispense taps.

When the ambient temperature goes up the cooling capacity of a beer dispenser will go down slightly. Because of the single long cooling coil this effect will be less noticable with a 1-tap beer dispenser than with a 2-tap version. We have an overview of all Lindr dry chillers and the length of the cooling coils: properties of Lindr beer dispensers and beer coolers.

Which beer dispenser is the best?

The best beer dispenser depends on your situation. If you are always going to pour from 1 keg we advise you to take a 1-tap beer dispenser. If you want to pour 2 different types or brands of beer at the same time (or have the option to do so) you will need a 2-tap beer dispenser.

If you have a 2-tap beer dispenser and you want to pour from a single keg we avise you to use a "Y" splitter in your beer tube. This will give you the option to still use both the dispense taps and make optimal use of your beer dispenser.

Down below is a short video in which we explain everything for you.

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