John Guest straight reducer 8x9,5mm

John Guest straight reducer 8x9,5mm
1x 8,0mm Female tube connection
1x 9,5mm Female tube connection

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Straight reducer 8*9,5mm by John Guest

Straight reducer with 1x 8,0 mm female tube connection and 1x 9,5mm female tube connection. The straight reducer uses Speedfit connections so you don't need any tools when using the reducer. This John Guest straight connector is great for when you want to dry your Lindr beer tubes or beer coils. This lets you transport the beer dispenser dry and without chance of spillage of cleaning water or beer. It also lets you store the beer dispenser dry for when you are not going to use it for some time.

The straight reducer is made for connecting the synthetic beer and pressure tube. If you want to connect your beer tube to the stainless steel tube of a Lindr dispense tower you should use the Super Seal version which has been made for this purpose.

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Merk John Guest
Weight 30 gram
Outside diameter tube 8 mm, 9,5 mm