Lindr cleaning machine SP profi

Lindr SP Profi
Professional cleaning machine
Including cleaning materials

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Lindr SP Profi Cleaning machine

The Lindr SP Profi is a cleaning machine made to help you professionally clean your beer dispenser. The SP Profi uses air-vibrations in the cleaning water to thoroughly clean your beer tubes. You can add some cleaning detergent to the water to make sure your beer dispenser is cleaned even better. You can manually set the airpressure used for the cleaning.

When you order the SP Profi the following cleaning supplies will be delivered as well:

  • Cleaning sponges
  • Cleaning brushes A & S-type
  • Cleaning brush for the dispense tap
  • Tubes and connection materials

Using the dropdownmenu you can also order a 5L can of beer dispenser cleaning detergent.