Lindr Soda CW Compact Green Line

Lindr CW Compact Green Line
20-25 liters of chilled soda water an hour
Internal space for CO2 cylinders
Can be used with Sodastream CO2 bottles
Chilled sparklingwater for at home or the office

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Lindr CW Compact Green Line

The Lindr CW Compact is a professional machine for dispensing well chilled plain and sparkling water. With a CW Compact you can pour upto 25 litres of sparkling water an hour. You can easily dispense the water using the spout at the front of the machine. With the help of a switch you can easily switch between sparkling and plain water. This compact chilled water tap is suited for home or small office use.

Lindr Green Line

The Lindr Green Line chillers are environmental friendly machines which use the eco-friendly coolant R290. These machines are made of high quality stainless steel which meets the highest hygene standards. This also guarantees a long working life of the chiller.

Compact solution

The CW Compact Green Line has a space behind a hatch at the front where you can put the small CO2 bottles needed for creating the sparkling water. The connection for the CO2 bottles is a Tr21x4 connection. An example of bottles that fit are the small CO2 bottles of Sodastream. The first CO2 bottle is included with the CW Compact. At the rear of the chiller is a 8mm John Guest quick connect coupler which you can use to connect your water tube.