Lindr External carbonated water unit

Lindr external carbonator
Creating sparkling water
Mixcapacity of 50L/hour
Mixes water with CO2

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Lindr Soda External Carbonator

The Lindr Extarnal Carbonator is a professional machine for the productions of quality sparkling water. The machine mixes plain water with CO2, and can create a maximum of 40-50litres of soda water an hour. This makes the Lindr External Carbonater a great solution for commercial use. This machine has been made to be easily connected to a dispense tower and a watercooler.

Propperties External Carbonator

  • Lindr External Carbonator
  • Sparkling Water Creation
  • Maximum capacity of 50 litres an hour
  • Suited for commercial use
  • Mixes water with CO2
  • Dimensions (w*h*d): 165*290*350mm
  • Weight: 9,0 kg
More Information
Dimensions 165 * 290 * 350 mm
Weight 10,0 kg
Tapcapacity 40 liter/hour
Power 345 W