Lindr Soda Chiller AS-45

Lindr Soda AS-45 Sparkling Water tap
Well chilled Sparkling and plain water
Maximum capacity of 45L/hour
For medium sized restaurants and offices

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Lindr Soda AS-45 Green Line waterchiller

The Lindr Soda AS-45 Green Line is a machine for creating cold sprakling and plain water. The Soda AS-45 is a countertop waterchiller. This machine has a waterbasin in which the cooling coils rest. The Soda AS-45 has a cooldown period of about 2 hours.

The Lindr Soda AS-45 is easily connected to the water supply network. The Soda AS-45 has 2 John Guest fittings for 9,5mm tubes. The beertube on our website has the same diameter and can easily be used for this chiller.

The Soda AS-45 Green Line is made off fully recyclable materials. The refrigerant used is the more environmental friendly R290.

Uses for the AS-45

The chilling and sparkling water production capacity of 45 litres an hour make the Soda AS-45 well suited for medium sized restaurant, but can just as well be used for offices or at home.

More Information
Amount of Coils 2
Amount of tappoints 2
Dimensions 440 * 270 * 430 mm
Weight 24,0 kg
Tapcapacity 45 liter/hour
Power 345 W