Lindr Soda Chiller AS-110

Professional watertap
Lindr Soda AS-110
Great for commercial use
Easy to connect and set up
For creating great sparkling water

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Lindr Soda Chiller AS-110

The Lindr Soda AS-110 is a cooler for professional use in restaurants, catering facilities and bars. The flexibility of this machine gives you the option to cool 3 different beverages (soda + 2 others). The cooler has an avarage cooling capacity of 70 litres an hour. The Soda AS-110 has an innovative carbonator which ensures great quality sparkling water and a powerfull python pump capable of moving water upto 6m of the machine.

Advantages Lindr Soda AS-110

  • Easy to connect
  • Possibility of creating sparkling water and cooling 2 other beverages
  • Tapcapacity of 70litres an hour
  • Dimensions: 636x422x474mm
  • Weight: 36kg
More Information
Amount of Coils 3
Dimensions 636 * 422 * 474 mm
Weight 38,0 kg
Tapcapacity 110 liter/hour
Power 943 W
Ice bank 10-20 kg