Lindr Soda AS-45 complete

Complete Lindr Soda AS-45
Lindr machine for soda and plain water
Suited for small to medium sized restaurants
2 Dispense taps
Tapcapacity of about 45 litres an hour

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Lindr Soda AS-45 water chiller complete

The Soda AS-45 is a table top chiller with 2 dispense taps. One of the dispense tap is used for dispensing well chilled soda water. The other can be used to serve an other cold drink, for example plain water or beer. This set is complete for serving sparkling and plain water. The Soda AS-45 has a cooldown time of 2 hours and after this time the chiller is ready to be used.

The Soda AS-45 Green Line uses the more environmental friendly refrigerant R290 and is made off fully recycable materials.

Range of Use of the Soda AS-45

With the capability of chilling around 45 litres of well chilled soda water an hour the SODA AS-45 is a great machine for at home, offices or small to medium sized restaurants.

Complete set with the Soda AS-45

This set will is complete for dispensing sparkling and plain water and consists of the following:

  • Soda AS-45 with matching driptray
  • CO2 pressure reducer
  • Pressure- and water tubes
  • Required John Guest fittings, including a 3/4" fitting for on a washing machine tap
  • Waterfilter en filterhead by 3M

Note: This set does not contain a CO2 cylinder!
Do you want to serve another beverage than plain water next to the sparkling water? Please contact us for more information on the possibilities.

More Information
Amount of Coils 2
Amount of tappoints 2
Dimensions 440 * 270 * 430 mm
Weight 24,0 kg
Tapcapacity 45 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 345 W