Puma 1/2HP aircompressor

Puma 1/2HP aircompressor
Noise level: 69dB
Maximum output: 32l/min
Easy to transport

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Puma 1/2HP aircompressor

The Puma is a small oil free aircompressor suited for the food industry. This air compressor has an airfilter at the air intake and a small tap to let condens water uit of the tank. You can easily move/transport the aircompressor using the handle. The feet of the air compressor have rubber anti skid pads.

Technical specifications Puma 1/2HP

  • Power use: 370W
  • Max output: 32 l/min
  • Tank volume: 6L
  • Pressur range: 0,0-4,0 bar
  • Noise level: 69dB
  • Dimensions: 160*370*470mm
  • Weight: 12kg