Python 3 + 2

Python tube
3 + 2 python
3x 9.5mm beer tube
2x 12.7mm water tube
Price per meter

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Python 3 + 2

Python tubes are used to cool beer after it has left the cooler. Dit is done when there is a long distance between the dispense tower and the beer dispenser. To be able to do this you will need a beer dispenser with a python pump. This python tube has 3 beer tubes and 2 water tube. The price is per meter and the pyhton tube is delivered in one piece.

With a pyhton tube you can place the beer dispenser at a longer distance from the dispense tower, for example in a basement. By using a python tube your beer will be cooled all the way to the dispense tower.

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Weight 0
Outside diameter tube 9,5 mm, 12,7 mm