Pythonpump Lindr MID-7

Replacement part Lindr undercounter chiller
Pythonpump for the Lindr AS-80 & AS-110
Pythonpump for the Lindr CWP-100 & CWP-200

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Pythonpomp Lindr MID-7 for undercounter chillers

If the pythonpump of your Lindr undercounter chiller has broken then you can easily order a replacement with us. The MID-7 pump is the correct one for the following chillers:

Lindr AS-80
Lindr AS-110
Lindr CWP-100
Lindr CWP-200

This pythonpump is suited for pythontubes of upto 6m. The MID-7 pump is sold including a new watertube and John Guest connector so you can easily connect the pump to the existing tubes.

Is your Lindr beer chiller not in the list above? Then take a look at the pythonpump ST/A 8.