Secondhand Kontakt 40/K Profi with 2 taps

Secondhand beer dispenser
2 Taps
Secondhand beerdispenser
Great technical state
50Litres an hour
Draft without CO2

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Secondhand Lindr Kontakt 40/K Profi

Are you looking for a beer dispenser for festvials and events which is almost new? This is your chance. We have a Kontakt 40/K profi beer dispenser from 2019 on stock which has been used only a couple of times. This beer dispenser is in technical very great state and has also 1 year of warranty. 

The Kontakt 40/K profi is a dry chiller with 2-taps and an inbuilt air compressor from which you can adjust the pressure manually. This gives you the option to pour beer without using CO2. Do you want to pour beer by using CO2 that is also possible. You can switch off the air compressor manually. 

The Lindr Kontakt 40/K profi has a maximum tapcapacity from 50 liters per hour which is good for 120 to 140 good chilled beers per hour. Due to its compact size and weight this beer dispenser is also very suitable as a mobile beer dispenser definitely if you know that you can enjoy good chilled beers within 5 minutes after the beer dispenser has been switched on. The Kontakt 40/K profi is very popular among the craft brewers. You will see this beer dispenser a lot at festivals and events. 

Configuring your Lindr Kontakt 40/K profi

Do you want to have this beer dispenser as a complete set? With the drop down menus you can choose for the dispense heads of your choice and you can also choose a cleaning kit and tubes and John Guest fittings. It is very easy to configure the Kontakt 40/K profi to a complete set of your wish. You only have to take care of some kegs yourself and you can enjoy good chilled beers from you own beer dispenser.