Soda Pygmy Green Line complete

Soda Pygmy Greenline complete
Tap chilled (sparkling)water
Plain- and sparkling water tap
Maximum capacity of 20 litres an hour
Complete with water filter
Watertap for at home, small office or restaurant

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Lindr Soda Pygmy Greenline

The Lindr Soda Pygmy is a watertap for the production of well chilled plain and sparkling water. The Soda Pygmy has a maximum capacity of 20litres of well chilled Soda water an hour.
The Soda Pygmy is a Greenline chiller by Lindr. Greenline chillers are made of fully recyclable materials and use a more environmental refrigerant: R290.
The Soda Pygmy is suited for making sparkling water at home. This chiller can also be used at a small office or restaurant. The Soda Pygmy is not suited for pouring large volumes of sparkling water in a short amount of time.

Lindr Soda Pygmy Greenline CO2

To create the Sparkling water the Soda Pygmy requires CO2 nodig. CO2 is available in different types of cylinders: a (large) refillable or smaller disposable cylinder.
To connect a refillable CO2 cylinder you will require a large CO2 pressure reducer. If you select this option we will deliver a pressure reducer. The refillable CO2 cylinders are too big to be sent with the chiller and will not be delivered with this set.
The disposable CO2 cylinders are smaller and are used with a small CO2 pressure reducer. These small cylinders can be sent with the chiller and you can easily order a new cylinder online when your current ones are empty.
Using the dropdown menu you can easily select if you want to be using the set with the large refillable or smaller disposable CO2 cylinders. When you select the large cylinders you will receive a large CO2 pressure reducer with this set. When you select the small cylinders you will receive the small CO2 pressure reducer and 2 disposable CO2 cylinders so you can immediately connect and start using the Soda Pygmy Greenline.

Lindr Soda Pygmy complete consists out of:

Soda Pygmy Greenline
Water filter and filter case
John Guest coupler for connecting to a 3/4" washing machine tap
Required tube and connection materials
CO2 connection type of your choice

More Information
Amount of tappoints 2
Dimensions 180 * 300 * 420 mm
Weight 19,0 kg
Tapcapacity 25 liter/hour
Power 391 W