Sparkling Water Tap Lindr Soda Pygmy NEW Green Line

Soda Pygmy NEW Green Line
Chilled water and sparkling water
Maximum tap capacity 20 liter per hour

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Sparkling Water Tap Lindr Soda Pygmy NEW Green Line

The Lindr Soda Pygmy NEW Green Line is a watertap for dispensing cold still- and sparkling water. The Soda Pygmy can create 20-25 litres of well chilled still and carbonated water per hour.

The Green Line by Lindr are chillers made out of fully recyclable materials and use the more environmental refrigerant R290. The Lindr chillers are very popular for their optimal ratio in price, quality and life span.

Uses for the Soda Pygmy Green NEW Line

The Soda Pygmy Green Line is very suitable for places who want easy acces to cold and sparkling water. This machine is therefore used a lot at home or at small restaurants or offices. The Soda Pygmy is made for serving a few glasses at a time, and not for large quantities. If there is a need for serving more sparkling water please check out our other sodamachines.

More Information
Merk Lindr
Amount of tappoints 2
Dimensions 180 * 300 * 420 mm
Weight 19,0 kg
Tapcapacity 25 liter/hour
Power 391 W
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