Lindr Naked Cold Bridge

Beer dispense tower with 4 taps
Stainless steel and wood dispense tower
Stylish and clean design tower
Suited for all types of beer coolers
With 4 illuminated tap lenses

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Lindr Naked Cold Bridge

If you are looking for a dispense tower with a clean and stylish design, the Naked Cold Bridge 4-tap is the ideal dispense tower for you. The Lindr Naked Cold Bridge 4-tap dispense tower is a true eyecatcher on your bar. With the 4 dispense taps on this dispense tower you can pour 4 different beers at the same time. The taps are all compensator taps and also ideal for pouring special kind of beers. Each tap has its own illuminated tap lense to show your favourite beer brand or your own brewed beers. 

The Naked Cold Bridge is made off high quality stainless steel and has a wood finish. All stainless steel beer tubes have an outside diameter of 8mm. The beer dispense tower is 49,7cm high and 58,0 cm wide.

The Lindr Nake Cold Bridge is complete with the 4 dispense taps and easily mounted on any bartop and can also be easily connected to every Lindr beer cooler. 

The Lindr Naked Cold Bridge 4-tap dispense tower is very popular among beer brewers for brewing pubs and bars and restaurants where they want to have several kinds of beer on tap. 

We don't always have this draft beer tower on stock. You can still order this tower and we will contact you about the expected delivery time. 

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Amount of tappoints 4
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Kleur Stainless steel