Triple bar fridge with glass doors

Tripple bar fridge
3 sliding doors
Glass doors
Fits underneath a bar
Cooling soft drinks/wine bottles

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Tripple bar fridge with sliding glass doors

The tripple bar fridge has 3 sliding doors giving you the maximum amount of space to reach into the fridge. The bar fridge is suited for cooling, for example, soft drinks or wine bottles. With the help of the digital thermostat you can set the ideal temperature for your drinks. The fridge is available in a black or silver colour. The colour of choice can be selected using the dropdownmenu.

More Information
Dimensions outside 135 * 52 * 90 cm
Dimensions inside 127 * 42 * 72 cm
Capacity cans 441 blikken 0,25 l / 270 blikken 0,33 l / 380 blikken 0,33 l slim / 225 blikken 0,5 l
Capacity bottles 256 flessen 0,33 l / 120 flessen 0,5 l / 90 flessen 0,7 l
Certificates CE, RoHS
Power consumption 2,5 kWh/24h
Weight 80,0 kg
Capacity 330 liter
Climate class N-ST
Temperature van 2oC tot 8oC