What to look out for when buying a beer dispenser?

You want to buy a beer dispenser. The first thing you need to consider is the type of beer dispenser you want to buy. Do you want to use the beer dispenser as a mobile beer dispenser? Then our advise is to buy a dry chiller. These have a big advantage that they are easy to transport and require a short time to cool down. When using the beer dispenser at the same location all the time a water cooled beer dispenser is probably a better solution for you. If you want to learn more about the different types of beer dispensers you can read that on our knowledge blog on the different types of beer dispensers.

Tapcapacity of the beer dispenser

As soon as you know the type of beer dispenser you want to have it is important to determine the capacity of the beer dispenser. If you are going to use the beer dispenser for large groups of people you are going to need a beer dispenser with a bigger capacity. A beer dispenser with a capcity of 20 litres an hour is suited for about 30 to 40 beers an hour. Depending on the number of guests you can calculate what kind of capcity you need. When you are cutting it close with the capacity it is smart to think about a beer dispenser which is a bit more powerfull, just to ensure all your guests can have a perfectly chilled beer.

Beer dispense set and keg couplers

You now know the type of beer dispenser and the desired capacity. All you need is a tapset to connect the beer keg to the beer dispenser and CO2 cylinder. A tapset consists out of a CO2 pressure reducer, a keg coupler, tubes and john guest connecters. Without these accessories your beer dispenser is incomplete and you will be unable to pour a beer. For the right keg coupler it is important to know what type of beer you want to pour. We have made an overview in which you can find the matching beer brands and keg couplers. If you have chosen a water cooled beer dispenser you will also need a beer dispense tower.

Lastly to increase the lifespan of your beer dispensers it is important to often clean it often. Therefor it is advisable to immediatly buy a cleaningkit for your beer dispenser.

With this article we hope to have given you enough information to make a well considered decision on buying your beer dispenser. If you still have any questions you can send these to the following email address: info@biertap-shop.nl.

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