Lindr CWP beer coolers 

In the product assortment from Lindr beer coolers you also find the line of CWP coolers. The letters CWP stands for Contact Water Power. CWP beer coolers are hybrid coolers and are a combination of dry cooler and conventional waterbath cooler. The same as with the AS series waterbath coolers the CWP coolers have a waterbassin but this waterbassin is smaller than the waterbassins from the AS series beer coolers. For the CWP 200 and the CWP 300 you can also add extra block with cooling coils to increase the number of coils and have th possibility to cool and poor more beverages from your CWP cooler. 

Advantages CWP beer coolers

A big advantage of a CWP beer cooler is that these coolers are standing coolers (vertical models). So if you have the height under your bar for placing a CWP beer cooler you will need less space that with a cooler from the AS series from Lindr. The waterbassin from the CWP beer coolers is also smaller that from coolers from the AS line. Due to the combination of dry cooler and waterbath cooler they have a shorter cooling down period to reach the right temperature. The CWP coolers from Lindr reach their right temperature within 15 minutes after switching on. 

Beer coolers for mobile purposes

The short cooling down period together with the compact dimensions make the CWP coolers ideal for mobile bars for festivals and events. Within the CWP line from Lindr there are already 2 mobile versions, the CWP 200 mobile and the CWP 300 mobile

In the short movie below we show you once again the highlights from the CWP beer coolers from Lindr (movie is in Dutch).