Wat kind of beer dispenser should you choose?

When buying a beer dispenser you can choose between dry chillers and water cooled systems. Which type of beer dispenser you should pick depends on how you want to use it and what kind of cooling capcity you need.

Dry chilling beer dispensers

When you need a beer dispenser which is mobile and will reach the desired temperature fast a dry chiller is a great beer dispenser for you. The principle of dry chillers is simple. In the beer dispenser there is a cooling coil trough which the beer flows. The coil is cooled with the help of a compressor. Dry coolers will reach the desired temperatre within a few minutes. Another advantage is that dry chillers are more compact and light of weight.

Some often sold beer dispensers are:

Beer dispenser Lindr Pygmy 25
Pygmy 25 beer dispenser
Beer dispenser Kontakt 40
Kontakt 40 beer dispenser

Water cooled beer dispensers

Water cooled beer dispensers have a water basin which has to be filled with water. In the water basin there are cooling coils through which the beer flows and cools down. Because of the water basin it takes longer before this type of beer coolers to cool down and they are heavier than dry chillers. Water cooled beer dispensers are mainly suited to be built into a bar.

Often sold water cooled beer dispensers are:

Beer dispenser AS-40 Lindr
AS40 water cooled beer dispenser
Beer dispenser AS-80 Lindr
AS80 water cooled beer dispenser
Beer dispenser AS-110
AS110 water cooled beer dispenser

Next to the conventional water cooled beer dispensers we also have CWP (contact water power) beer dispensers by Lindr. These are hybrid beer coolers. This means these are a combination of dry chillers and water cooled beer dispensers. More information of this type of beer dispensers can be found in our article on the CWP coolers.

CWP beer coolers

With the examples above we hope to have given you a good example on the differences between dry chillers and water cooled beer dispensers. If you have any questions of the beer dispensers you can send a mail to: info@biertap-shop.nl

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