Lindr CWP 300 mobile beertap

Lindr CWP 300 Mobile
Mobile beertap with 2 dispense taps
Hybrid beerdispenser
Suitable for events and festivals
Maximum chilling capacity of 200 litres an hour

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Lindr CWP 300 Mobile beertap

The Lindr CWP 300 Mobile is a modern beertap using the latest cooling techniques to cool your beer. The CWP 300 Mobile is a hybrid beer dispenser which uses a combination of dry- and watercoolingtechniques. This combination results in a very powerful beerchiller which will also rapidly, within 15 minutes, reach the desired temperature. Furthermore the CWP 300 has a built-in 2-tap dispense tower so 2 types of beers can be served simultaniously and 2 wheels for easier movement of the chiller. This all combined makes for a great mobile beer dispenser to be used at events and festivals.

Range of use of the Lindr CWP 300 mobile

The CWP 300 mobile has a maximum cooling capacity of 200 and a continious capacity of 180 litres of well chilled beer an hour, this is about 720 to 800 beers of 25cl an hour. This coolingpower makes the CWP 300 mobile a great choice forexample for partycatering or eventcompanies.

Lindr CWP 300 Mobile Greenline

The CWP 300 Mobile is part of the Greenline of Lindr. The Greenline consists out beer dispensers which are made off fully recyclable materials which comply with the highest hygene standards. The energy usage of these chillers is also more efficient and they use the more environmental friendly refrigerant R290.

Completing the Lindr CWP 300 Mobile

This product is only the cooler. If you are not yet in possession of a CO2 meter, hoses and keg couplings? Under the related products in the right column on this page you will find a tap set for coolers with 2 taps. You will also find cleaning sets under the related products. If you prefer to buy a complete set with tap set and cleaning set in one, take a look at the CWP 300 mobile complete, which you will find at the bottom of this page.

More Information
Amount of Coils 2
Amount of tappoints 2
Dimensions 572 * 420 * 1523 mm
Weight 66,0 kg
Tank capacity 28 liter
Tapcapacity 200 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 1081 W
Ice bank 0-5 kg
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