Dry chiller without CO2 complete

Complete beer dispenser with built in air compressor

In this category you will find beer dispensers which are equipped with an air compressor. These beer dispensers allow you to draft beer using air compressor and you won’t need CO2. This has both advantages and disadvantages, you can find these in a clear overview in this article on draft beer without CO2. The aircompressor can be manually switched off so the option to use CO2 always stays available.

Beer dispensers in this category are complete including tubes, keg coupler(s), and a cleaning set. All you need is a keg to enjoy a chilled draft beer.

Different models of beer dispensers

There are different models of complete beer dispesners. Some have 1 and others have 2 dispense taps. The latter allows you to draft 2 different beers at the same time. Furthermore there are different cooling capacities. A higher model number means a higher maximum cooling capacity.

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