Lindr CWP beercoolers

Lindr CWP beercoolers

The Lindr CWP beercoolers are innovative beercoolers and are a combination from drycooling and watercooling. This combination of cooling techniques results in a short cooling down period. Within 15 minutes after switching on you are able to pour good chilled beers. The waterbassin of these CWP beercoolers is smaller than beercoolers from the AS series from Lindr and don't have an icebank. CWP beercoolers have also a bigger tapcapacity than the watercooled chillers from the AS series from Lindr.

Advantages CWP beercoolers

The short cooling down period from the CWP beercoolers is a big advantage. Within 15 minutes after switching on the CWP beercoolers are ready to serve you good chilled beers. The short cooling down period makes the CWP beercoolers also very ideal as mobile beercoolers for usage at festivals and events. Lindr has 2 mobile CWP beercoolers in their assortment. We also assemble these beercoolers very often in mobile bars for events and festivals.

The amount of cooling coils from the CWP beercoolers can simply be increased to 6 or 8 cooling coils giving you the option to pour up to 6 or 8 beers from just one CWP beercooler. Only the CWP 100 beercooler has 3 cooling coils which can't be changed.

With a CWP beercooler from Lindr you have an innovative beercooler that combines 2 cooling techniques together resulting in a very good output from good chilled beers.

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